Nouvelle version du meilleur frontend disponible pour l’émulateur M1. Les listes (noms des morceaux de musiques) ont également été mis à jour.

– Added an option to allow multiple instances.
– Changed the shortcut key to open the load window to « O » (without ctrl).
– Now you can try loading a game regardless of the scan result.
– Changed the method to show the column header arrow to proper one.
– Added Windows XP manifesto.
– Added a support for drag scrolling of game description and song title.
– Many clean-ups.
– Removed the option to set auto list mode (Now list mode is always enabled when loading new ROM).
– Added a support for per-track fadeout setting.
– Now it scrolls to the current playing track in the list when you click the button.
– Fixed various errors and inconsistencies when reloading a list.

La grande classe !!

Télécharger BridgeM1 (Frontend) 0.6.0a14 (3,2 Mo)

Télécharger BridgeM1 (Lists) (22/04/2012) (582,4 Ko)

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