Un plugin gérant les joypads sous les émulateurs de PS2, créé par ChickenLiver.

– Number of configuration instructions should behave more like they do on real PS2 controllers. Don’t expect this to increase compatibility, but you never know.

– Sticks now return 0x7F when not pushed. Shouldn’t make any noticeable difference, but it’s what real PS2 controllers do, apparently.

– Fix for F4 being ignored.

– Fix for not ignoring Windows keys when using MTGS. Note that the Windows keys must, of course, be set to be ignored.

– Option added to read input in GS thread added, enabled by default. Not sure if this will make any difference in terms of performance or stability.

– Added a new hack that will try to hide the GS window if the window is maximized when you press escape, instead of sending an escape message. This may sound a bit counterintuitive, but it causes both ZeroGS and GSDX to unmaximize the window. You must then press escape again get to the menu.

– Fixed potential overflow on sensitivity calculations for absolute axes. When sensitivity wasn’t 1.0, this could cause issues. Also made rounding more consistent.

– It’s now possible to select the exact center of the sensitivity slider, to set a sensitivity back to 1.0.

Télécharger LilyPad v0.11.0 (2015123175709) (43,6 Ko)

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