Encore des news sur le développement de la version 0.9 de Model2emu.

– First of all, some things have been clarified regarding Sega Super GT 24h and over rev controls. Sega Super GT 24h, you must set the IO board type to type A otherwise the controls are screwed.
– Over Rev, you need to enter the « volume » settings, then in the calibration screen hold up, release, hold down release, left, right etc until the values stop counting this has always been the case, but has never really been advised
– Over Rev – the smoke from the tyres is now aligned with the car (used to show under the tacho)
– Virtua Fighter 2 – Gravity system fixed, hair now visible and moving (apart from hair collision problem now)
– Virtua Fighter 2 – an issue in the character select screen the heads were not aligned correctly, and switching to full screen/windowed during this screen made the directdraw not update making the head not visible this fix also fixes the bug in Virtua Striker as specified in the forum
– The bug which caused the S Rally cars to go slow was due to a framing issue of the cars and has been fixed
– Virtua Fighter 2 – A sound ROM was redumped as the ambience sounds were not present so they are now functional
– Fighting Vipers – The hair now moves there too

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