Il s’agit d’un plugin (créé par Hiroshi ‘KoolSmoky’ Morii) basé sur Glide64 Wonder++ destiné aux émulateurs de N64 qui permet (tout comme celui de Rice/Mudlord) d’afficher les textures en hautes résolutions à l’aide de pack graphiques (il permet également le dump des textures d’une rom).

This update contains few major changes and a lot of minor ones made by KoolSmoky.

– Glitch64: arbitrary resolutions support, including wide screen resolutions. The first version was already released here: In this version several bugs were fixed.

– GlideHQ: Added texture dumping. This is on alpha stage yet; many textures are dumped incorrectly. It will be fixed lately. Also, added support for multi core processors – texture compression now can use all power of your CPU.

– Glide64: Textures dumping option added to the user interface.
I have no time to add required modification to Glide64 ‘Napalm’, so new Glitch64 and GlideHQ features are available for this version of Glide64 only.

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