Un émulateur de Mattel Intellivision qui supporte l’ECS et les claviers (musique).

Les améliorations depuis la version précédente (sortie il y a 3 ans):

– Completely new video system – changed from DirectDraw to Direct3d to be compatible with more video cards.
– Completely new front end with better functionality.
– Completely new input system.
– Greatly sped up scanning ROM folders.
– Changed the display FrameSkip to greatly smooth out the frame skipping and allows an adaptive frakeskip model.
– Screenshots now take a proper picture of the game screen, including the border.
– Screenshots are now available in BMP, JPG or PNG formats.
– Audio now plays while minimized or in the background so you can use it as a retro jukebox!
– Sped up the beginning of the game display so you’re not looking at a blank window for too long.
– Updated the database system making it FAR more resistant to errors and corrupted databases. It also handles new database versions much better.
– ECS keyboard now works more reliably.
– You can now see and edit game configurations right in the GUI.
– Games can now be assigned a category for custom sorting.
– Game key help is now available in-game. is the default.
– Fixed a bug in video emulation that prevented the 1 & 9 key pause combination from working properly.

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