De la news chez R. Belmont:

I bought and Guru dumped Metro/Enix’s Bust a Move 2, known outside Japan as Bust a Groove 2. Not as good as the original cult favorite dancing game due to a less interesting soundtrack, but still well worth a play and better than the later “Dance Contest 2001″. The emulation currently lacks the music (which streams from a hard disk under the control of an H8/3644 MCU) but the MCU checks pass correctly so it at least detects the proper device and starts. (All of the game graphics and data are on ROMs).

If you’re wondering about all the logos, Metro developed the game for Enix, who also published the Japanese PS1 version. (Sony’s 989 Studios did the English localization and published it outside of Japan). Namco did the arcade distribution and possibly the custom ZN-1 based hardware design. The other 2 logos are the record companies: I believe the panda is Avex Trax, and the other is of course EastWest Japan.

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