Nouvelle version pour cet émulateur de GameGear/SMS de Sega créé par l’emblématique Marat Fayzullin. Comme toujours la version DOS/Windows est payante (19.99$).

Les nouveautés sont les suivantes:

– Ported MasterGear to Unix using the new EMULib framework. I will try to compile the new MG-Unix for as many Unix flavors as possible. At the moment, only Ubuntu Linux binaries are available.
– Ported MasterGear to Maemo OS2008 used in N800 and N810 internet tablets from Nokia. MG-Maemo is specifically optimized for internet tablets using assembler modules from MG-Symbian.
– Replaced -zoom/-nozoom command line options with -soft/-nosoft and made softening, scanline simulation, and synchronization options work on all relevant platforms (Unix, Maemo, MSDOS).
– Made [F8] toggle scanline simulation, while [SHIFT]+[F8] toggles softening.
– Removed -novsync option from MG-MSDOS, as -nosync does the same thing.
– Fixed situation when MG-Windows could stay in memory after being closed.
– MG-Symbian display routines rewritten in ARM assembler for speed. This should mainly affect UIQ3 users but S60 users will also benefit.
– Split MG-Symbian configuration menu into four tabs, making « Video » and « Audio » settings separate.
– Added « Audio Latency », « Skip Frames », and « Sync Updates » settings to MG-Symbian.

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