Un frontend hyper complet pour mame (ou autres), très configurable et souvent mis à jour.

– Could not select .avi file to record with MAME (source: emu-france.com)
– Setting debugscript was being saved as comment if value is empty (MAME settings)

– Read/write emulator/game full setting only works on MAME and AGEMAME. All other emulator have support for paths only (this is for MAME based emulator only!)

– Left panel files can now handle any word surrounded by asterisks. They will be converted into sub-nodes.
– The section « [ROOT_FOLDER] » is not required anymore but if this section is not found, it will be added automatically (required, so the tree nodes can be created correctly)

– Support for « optionXx (NULL) (not set) » entries from MAME based emulators (mame.ini)
– This means that configuring old MAME/AGEMAMGE builds and HazeMD/Mjolnir emus with EL is no longer possible (I might do something about that in a future version, but can’t promisse anything)

– Support for MAME 0.126u3

Télécharger Emuloader v8.5.3 (9,7 Mo)

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