Le plugin de GiGaHeRz pour la gestion des DVD et CDrom PS2.

Hi people, I have been fixing and reorganizing the cdvd plugin, and whiel it’s still partially broken, I think the speed improvements are nice enough that it’s worth showing to the world, so I have uploaded 0.7wip3 to the first post and sourceforge!

Try playing a grandia3 FMV: Peops cdvd plugin gives me under 40 fps, while my cdvd plugin does over 70. Nearly as fast as a .iso!(source: emu-france.com)

The sad part is ATM, the msot notable broken features are disc changing and dual layer support, but that’s not really my fault! Microsoft decided to block access to most low level DVD/HD-DVD IOCTL functions from usermode in their drivers, but it still worked in Daemon Tools.

The result is I can’t tell if a DVD has two layers, or tell where the first layer ends, so I hacked it to bypass those checks, and now the plugin always assumes it’s a single layer dvd… maybe even with CDroms (didn’t try).

Anyway I will try to figure out a way to bypass those restrictions, and retrieve the status of the disc, and the number and size of the layers.

Télécharger GiGaHeRz CDVD v0.9.0 (20151231175709) (14,8 Ko)

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