Nouvelle version pour ce très bon émulateur de Sega Megadrive (très précis), dont voici les améliorations:

– Implemented frequency counter overflow bug. This finally fixes the one instrument in Ariel, Shaq-Fu, Spideman Animated series, Scoobydo mysteries etc.. Thanks goes to Nemesis. Fixed only in SuperHQ mode.
– Added SSG-EG support to the YM2612 core. Thanks goes out to Jarek Burczynski, Tatsuyuki Satoh and Nemesis. Suprisingly, more games use it than I thought. It is used by Alisia’s Dragon, Asterix, GhostBusters, Buba N Stix, Top Gear 2 etc.. I am sure there many more games that are using it.
– YM2612 envelope generator now gets updated at aproximately every 2.43 cycle.
– Added correct CSM mode support. Thanks to Nemesis again.
– Fixed Combat Cars two player mode screen.
– Optimized the YM2612 core resulting in nice speed increase.
– Optimized the VDP rendering code resulting in another good speed increase.
– Fixed sound in some Chinese games. GoodGen lists them unknown. But they look very nice.
– Fixed Time Killers and Onslaught lock-ups.
– Improved 6-button pad support a bit. Fixes controls in Mortal Kombat.
– Fixed Menacer support. The only game that I know of which uses this is Menacer 6-in-1 and it requires the Menacer to be plugged into port two. Capture and release the mouse with F7 (default).
– Added overclocking suppport (68k only). It is not saved. Takes effect immediatly. Will break timing sensetive games for sure.
– Debugger disassembly fixed.
– DAC sound in Mega Turrican and some others fixed.
– Slightly changed the 68k timings. This removes the flickering in Zero the Kamikaze Squirrel.
– Changed VDP timings a bit. This fixes Streets of Rage intro not showing up.
– Improved region detection a bit.
– Regen is now linked with MSLU library to make it work in Win9x. You will need unicows.dll. The startup time will be a bit slower on WinXP and above than previously.
– Hopefully fixed the bugs with the lowpass filter.
– Regen does not use 100% CPU while paused.

Un build i586 (convient à toute machine actuelle) qui devrait être 20 à 60% plus rapide que l’ancienne version 0.85 et un build C2 (core2 et compatibles) sont disponibles.

100% des jeux commerciaux devraient êtres compatibles à présent.

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