Appelé aussi Gens v2.12 Movie ou Gens rerecording, il s’agit d’une version de Gens (basé sur la version 2.12a) permettant d’enregistrer vos parties sous l’émulateur.

Les changements:

-fix for cue files that refer to iso files that have spaces in their filename (nitsuja)
-fix for directinput hotkeys not working when a rom hasn’t been loaded yet (nitsuja)
-safeguard against people forgetting to turn on SegaCD Perfect Synchro (nitsuja)
-Prevented « there is no disk in drive » error spam if a file in the recent ROMs list is on a removed disk (nitsuja)
-warn about completely missing SegaCD audio when playing or recording a movie (nitsuja)
-Fixed bug where certain hotkeys would be read when window was out of focus (Upthorn)
-New RAM Watch UI (adelikat)
-Autofire now accounts for lag (nitsuja)
-Fixed bug where CD Audio was very crackly (Upthorn)
-Extended Sega CD BRAM Autoformat for sizes other than 64kb (nitsuja)
-New hotkey to watch movie from start (nitsuja)
-PWM audio volume level fix (nitsuja)
-Increased audio quality during slow motion and fast-forward. (nitsuja)
-Some safeguards against file I/O errors (nitsuja)
-Menu typo fixes and garbage collection (nitsuja)
-Added Background input option, where all hotkeys and controller buttons will be read regardless of window focus (Upthorn)
-« Add Sound to AVI » now defaults to on (Upthorn)
-« Add Sound to AVI » now saves to config (Upthorn)

Télécharger Gens Rerecording v2.12 Movie 11c SVN 352 (883,4 Ko)

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