De la news pour ce frontend gérant une centaine de systèmes.

1) Theme Creation (create your own theme) - By Cyrille.
Always wanted to have you own created theme in ECC, now is you change!, Cyrille (our thememanager) has created and updated a nice TEMPLATE theme to create your own ECC theme, you can download this HERE

2) Theme updates - By Cyrille.
Cyrille has made a second update for the ECC themes wich included many improments and fixes you can download this HERE

3) PC-Engine imagepack - By Lordashram.
Lordashram has created and updated the PC-Engine imagepack and stored lots of PC-Engine meta-data, the imagepack now includes:

- 976 ingame title images.
- 976 ingame play images.

you can download this HERE

4) NEW platform: Visual Pinball.
We have added a new platform to play and manage you favorite pinball games with Visual Pinball.

5) Register OCX at startup.
In the last updates there ECC startup will register the OCX files for you, so also for people who use the RAR installer, the OCX will auto register (once at first startup).

6) Xpadder ADDON.
In the last updates there is the ability to startup Xpadder when ECC starts, Xpadder is a progam that emulates the keyboard through your joypad, this way you can control ECC with your joypad, but also play games and use emulators wich do not have/support joypad control!

7) Small updates.
Some small updates & fixes for ECC:

- Improved the multifile handler for the eccscriptrom DAT.
- Removed extensions
- DOSBox: iso, cso, nrg, mdf
- Improved the Amiga script to handle LONG filenames again.
- Returned the amiga 8.3 setting to 0 again.
- Updated the French language for 0.9.8
- Renamed 'Nintendo Entertainment System' to 'Nintendo NES/Famicom'.
- Renamed 'Nintendo Famicom/FDS' to 'Nintendo FDS'.
- Renamed eccid 'famicom' to 'fds'.
- Fixed a bug where FDS parser did not work properly (nes eccid).

8 ) ECC Live! fixes & improvements.
Some ECC Live! fixes and improvements have been released wich makes ECC Live! more stable and adding more features into it:

ECC Live! v3.1.0.9
- Added driveletter detection.
- Added free space detection.
- Added new update function to replace strings in files.
- Added free space checking before installing update.
- Fixed a problem where the messagebox didn't show up in 'kickstart mode'.
ECC Live! v3.1.0.8
- Fixed a problem with some subroutines not working properly.
- Also where ECC did not restart in kickstart mode #2.
- Fixed the double 'vv' version tag in the LOG file.
- Fixed a problem where ECC did shutdown where it should not do this.

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