Ce fichier DAT vous permet de tricher dans vos jeux préférés. Il s’active via la touche TAB sous MAME.

Il s’agit enfin de la nouvelle version compatible avec Mame v0.127 (avec les cheats allant jusqu’à Mame v0.126), tout les fichiers sont à présent en XML en conformité avec le nouveau moteur de cheat de Mame.

The cheat engine in MAME 0.127 requires individual xml files for each game due to a complete rewrite of the cheat engine by Aaron Giles.

I’ve coded a conversion util and I’m still in the process of optimising the cheat.dat file for conversion. This work is nearing completion (~99.xx % complete). However, I’ve decided to release the converted 0.127 cheat files as they stand via the forums. There will be issues with the the cheat file and the cheat engine still – more widespread testing should hopefully uncover more..

If you spot any cheats that have issues please post a bug report in this topic, thank you.

NOTE: this cheat release is based purely on the cheat.dat file for MAME 0.126. So it has no cheats for the games added between 0.126 and 0.127.

PS I shall release the classic type 0.126 cheat.dat sometime this weekend (for use with MAME versions 0.126 or less – ideally versions made with the earlier working cheat engine source)

EDIT : Updated the above files, hopefully will fix most TMS CPU issues
EDIT2 : Forgot to make it from the very latest cheat.dat – rebuilt as V3
EDIT4 : – V4 made some wrong assumptions about the V2 changes, it broke as many TMS games as it fixed. Only fixed the TMS games where cpu0 was the TMS cpu.
EDIT5 : – V5, shortened all mahjong comments and removed all old type [] comments. Also fixed the conversion of non-standard program-code cheats that weren’t working post conversion. And a few other fixes too.

Télécharger Pugsy Cheat v0.187 (1,8 Mo)

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