Nouvelle version pour cet émulateur de Commodore C16 Plus 4 et C116 dont voici les améliorations:

– added a C interface that allows using the emulator as a shared
library in other programs; the library and header file can be found
in the ‘plus4lib’ subdirectory of the binary packages, and a simple
example program with compile instructions is also included
– implemented IEC level MPS-801 printer emulation, in addition to the
previously existing hardware level MPS-802 emulation
– added a new button to the debugger GUI that makes it possible to
break only when a branch is taken (i.e. the opposite of ‘Step over’)
– more accurate PAL emulation in OpenGL mode when the display quality
is set to 3
– LED display is now also implemented for IEC level drive emulation
– the ROM images required by the emulator are included with the binary
packages, and no longer need to be downloaded separately
– fixed a bug in the ‘Step over’ function of the debugger
– fixed/improved support for D64 error information; this allows some
copy protected games that previously did not work to load correctly
– the ‘compress’ utility has two new compression methods, some new
options, and the original method is 3-5 times faster now while
producing identical files; also, compression support in ‘p4fliconv’
is improved somewhat
– various minor bug fixes, optimizations, and other improvements

Je n’ai pas encore vu de binaire pour windows.

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