Un émulateur SNES écrit par le célèbre Gigo connu pour son célèbre émulateur G-NES. Il s’agit d’une version beta.

– Fixed several freeze or instability bugs which are caused by
 some changes between beta4 and beta5.
 Ver 0.230 beta5 freeze in many titles, and it is fixed.
– Some minor bugs are fixed.
– Improved emulation accuracy.
– Added support for SPC7110 emulation.
 The format of RTC file(.rtc) which includes time data of SPC7110/S-RTC
 is compatible with bsnes.
 SPC7110 emulation code is provided by byuu(bsnes author).
 I thank him for his support and everything.

Télécharger SNESGT (WIP) 0.230 beta 7 (392,7 Ko)

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