Un émulateur d’MSX par l’auteur de SegaLI.

– input: fixed keyboard matrix ghosting on more than 2 rows
– input: fixed DirectInput lag
– fixed possible memory leak with on-screen messages
– moved enable/disable on-screen messages to the GUI menu (previously, it was
just in the .ini file)
– mappers: added Korean bootleg multicarts: 80-in-1, 90-in-1, and 126-in-1
– mappers: bought and reverse engineered Cross Blaim and Harry Fox mappers,
their emulation should be almost completely accurate now
– mappers: added Konami Sound Cartridge, SCC-I with 128KB RAM
– mappers: fixed stupid crash when loading savestates with SRAM mappers
– mappers: added preliminary support for Zemina ZMB hardware
– PSG: added emulation of pin 6/7 mask quirk
– input: added Konami HyperShot controller emulation
– input: added Torikeshi/Jikkou keys, available on some Panasonic MSXes
– input: added support for Sony’s hardware pause key
– mappers: fixed SCC power-on state, the music in Nerlaska’s Monster Hunter
was broken
– gfx: fixed a few NTSC renderer bugs and made S-Video the default video
signal, if it’s too slow for you, change it to RGB
– added a powerful tile viewer, with support for loading/saving tables or SCx
files, and a built-in editor similar to Wolf’s Polka
– added a sprite viewer, with similar features to the tile viewer, like changing
the Indian’s expression to http://hap.samor.nl/meisei_archive/magdance.gif
– added custom savestate/movie slot, allowing any filename instead of the
numbered defaults
– added support for saving screenshots
– PSG: added support for AY8910 (only configurable in the .ini file for now)
– added a PSG logger, allowing you to to log raw, MIDI, or YM files. YM files can
be played back, on eg. Ay_Emul ( http://bulba.untergrund.net/emulator_e.htm ).
http://hap.samor.nl/meisei_archive/Infinite%20-%20Universe%20Unknown.zip , and
http://hap.samor.nl/meisei_archive/Konami%20-%20Usas.zip .. for example
– PSG: added output viewer, with currently played notes on a piano bar
– PSG: added support for substituting simple waveforms with the default
squarewaves, including many presets by Wolf, and a wave editor
– gfx: made the palette editor easier to use, and included a few more presets
– included yet another game by Infinite, Montana John and the Templar’s Treasure

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