La nouvelle version de ce fantastique bios pour Neogeo/MVS est enfin disponible,
Ce bios, bien qu’à priori destiné au véritable hardware d’arcade, fonctionne également très bien dans les émulateurs, et comporte des fonctionnalités qui vont plus loin que les « simple » cheats, tels que le mode debug, activation du sang… le tout simple d’utilisation.

En voici les nouveautés:

Additions / Changes

– This new feature gives the ability to transfer data to and from a NeoGeo via a cable connected to a PC. It should be considered experimental at this point but can be accessed from the main unibios menu. See the universebios homepage for more information and how to build the needed cable.

– Added disable splash screen option back into general bios settings.

– If a game is not in the socket on AES hardware you will see a ‘white’ blank screen at power on. I changed this to save confusion over some people thinking the old blue color was the result of a hardware check. The Unibios does not do a hardware check in the same way, you must have a game in the socket and use the button code at power on.

– Changed the way region is set up on MVS hardware so there is more chance of a system with bad BackupRAM booting correctly.

– Made code changes to help stop unibios ASCII curruption when the system is overclocked (untested).

– Changed code so the NeoGeo spinning logo (older games only) draws correctly when a system is overclocked (untested).

– Button C is now used to exit the unibios main menu.


– Fixed a problem that could cause some games to have glitches after swapping games on multislot hardware when in console mode.

– Fixed garbled music with Metal Slug 4 in the jukebox from power on.

Cheats / CRC Database

– New cheats added here and there.
– Fixed KOF96 boss cheat so numbers no longer appear above the power bars.
– Added another Real Bout Fatal Fury CRC.
– Added another Soccer Brawl CRC.
– Added another World Heroes CRC.
– Added another Ghost Pilots CRC.
– Added Nightmare in the Dark bootleg CRC.
– Fixed a CRC issue with Waku Waku 7.

A acheter sur le site officiel. Parallèlement le bios 2.3 devient gratuit et donc disponible directement au public.

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