Nouvelle version pour cet émulateur de GBA payant pour windows/dos.

– Sound quality improved in games that frequently switch sampling frequency (Star Wars, etc.).
– Fixed LSR/ASR #0 instructions in ARMonARM emulation to act as LSR/ASR #32, in both THUMB and ARM modes.
– Fixed unaligned memory reads in ARMonARM emulation to work the same way they do on a real ARM (Pokemon no longer has glitches).
– VGBA-Maemo now uses x3 magnification when running in full-screen mode.
– Fixed [F3], [F4], [F5], and [F6] keys in VGBA-Unix.
– Moved state loading to [F6], L/R button autofire toggles to [ALT]+[F3]/[F4]. This makes VGBA consistent with my other emulators.
– Added [F8] to toggle scanline simulation effect, [ALT]+[F8] to toggle image softening.

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