Un émulateur de COMX-35.

– Keys aligned
‘F12’: RUN Switch (Pixie: Elf, Elf II, Super, TMC2000, VIP, TMC600 (run button removed))
‘INS’: IN (for Elf, ElfII, Super)
Hex Keyboard mapping added (for Elf, Elf II, Super, VIP, TMC2000 and Nano)
– Different directories allowed for every input file (ROM, RAM etc) added for COMX, VIP, TMC 600 and 2000
– Full screen (TMC2000/Nano/Vip) updated incorrect at reset (ESC)
– Help updated
– Debugger choice book selection saved in config
– Equalization settings added

– Colours corrected
– Sound corrected
– Game drop down replaced by ‘eject’ for Chip 8
– Memory mapping corrected (rom/ram mirroring)

– Support for Nano and rom added

– Added ‘Hex keypad’; the PC keys as defined in hex key settings will work as input and also reset EF3, the ‘Hex Keypad’ will also select hex keypad support for Elf
– Added some Elf games in installation
– Added .cos files in load dialog
– Added disabling ‘elf control’ windows, default is off
– Added Game configuration (in menu)

– VP590 Color Board support added
– VP595 Simple Sound Board support added
– VP580 Expansion keyboard support added
– CDP1862 RAM added to debugger
– Memory mapping corrected (rom/ram mirroring)
– Ram size added in config
– Game drop down replaced by ‘eject’ for Chip 8

Télécharger 1802 Emulator 1.18 (6,5 Mo)

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