DSP est un émulateur Sinclair Spectrum (et oui encore un) développé par Leniad Soft 2003. Il supporte les Spectrum 48K, Spectrum 128K (et Colecovision) et les jeux d’arcades Phoenix & partiellement BombJack. Il s’agit d’un projet Open Source développé en Delphi. Son auteur travail maintenant sur un driver NES pour son émulateur.

• General
+NEW: Added an initial list of games where you can choose which to boot, added a new button to close driver and return to the list. Also added to the general configuration of the possibility of booting the old way [leniad and NESbr]
+ENHANCE: YM2203 – Corrected speed generation of IRQ’s (implemented by internal timers), added functions to initialize the chip’s internal timers. [leniad]
+NEW: Added sound chip YM3812/YM3526 (based on MAME) [leniad]
+NEW: Brazilian language – Thanks to Eduardo Richeli [leniad]
+ENHANCE: Implemented generic scroll functions. [leniad]
+ENHANCE: Best initialized of the library SDL [NESBr]
+ENHANCE: Better control of the pop-ups windows (configuration, about, etc) [NESBr]
+NEW: Color palette buffer, implemented on all the drivers who use dynamic palette [leniad]
+NEW: Better initialization of the CPU, fix bugs in the boot of some drivers (for example City Connection) [leniad]
+NEW: Z80 – Added 0xEDB2 opcode – ‘inir’ (Used by Coleco ROM!) [leniad]
+NEW: Added graphic chip TMS99X8 [leniad and Michael Franzen]
+BUG: Corrected the image size when recording a GIF, JPG or PNG and the video was in 2X size [leniad]
• Spectrum
+BUG: Fixed the speaker in Spectrum 128k and Spectrum+3. [leniad]
+NEW: TZX – Added block 0x35 – Custom Data Block [leniad]
+BUG: TZX – Fixed a bug in the block 0x5A (Glue), not continued after loading the block. [leniad]
+NEW: In the Spectrum +3 when it encounters a disk with protection SpeedLock +3, it’s shown in the taskbar. [leniad]
+ENHANCE: More precise timings of the speaker and AY8912 [leniad]
+ENHANCE: Added beeper oversample, choose from 1x to 5x (up to 220,500 samples / sec!), Significantly improves the sound of the speaker (eg Fairlight, Xecutor, etc.) [leniad]
+BUG: When you load a tape and stopped in the middle, the speaker don’t sound [leniad]
• Black Tiger
+ENHANCE: At last, implemented priorities in the background. [leniad]
+ENHANCE: Simplified functions of the screen and calculating of the color palette [leniad]
+ENHANCE: Begin the rewrite of the driver (Mappers, PPU, etc) [NESBr]
• Asteroids
+BUG: Fixed all the bugs in the vectors engine. [leniad]
+BUG: Fixed the resolution, based on MAME 400×300 although it can get up to 1024×1024 [leniad]
+BUG: Fixed the controls. [leniad]
+NEW: Added basic analog sound. [leniad]
• Rygar
+ENHANCE: Fixed scroll, priorities and controls. [leniad]
+ENHANCE: Implemented digital sound ADPCM MSM5205 [leniad]
+NEW: Added sound YM3812. [leniad]
• Express Raider
+NEW: Added sound, malfunctioning because of a bug in the M6809 [leniad]
• Psychic 5
+NEW: Driver with sound. Lack rendering Alpha (background and sprites), intensity of color and clipping in the initial presentation. [leniad]
• Kung-Fu Master
+NEW: Added driver without sound (missing M6803) [leniad]
• Terra Cresta
+NEW: Added driver to experiment with the FAME library (Still does not work nothing at all!) [leniad]
• Shoot Out!
+NEW: Added driver with sound [leniad]
• Vigilante
+NEW: Added driver without sound (missing YM2151) [leniad]
• ColecoVision
+NEW: Added the console, with sound. Work 99% of the roms. More info at ‘readme.txt’ [leniad and Michael Franzen]

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