Nouvelle version de cet émulateur N64 desinté à Linux dont un portage Windows est parfois realisé.

I finally got around to tagging and releasing version 1.4.1 of Mupen64Plus. I should have done this a long time ago, but I guess it’s better late than never! This version includes no new features over v1.4 but it does include over 20 bug fixes. Some of the problems that are fixed include: a major slowdown caused by the On Screen Display, a bunch of different crashes in the 64-bit version, an installation script bug on non-BASH shells, some Blight input fixes, a fix for Conker’s BFD, and memory leaks. Details are in the RELEASE file as usual.

Si quelqu’un veut compiler cette version pour windows, tout est indiqué sur le site du portage (n’hésiter pas à m’envoyer le binaire).

Site Officiel

Portage Windows