Le meilleur frontend disponible pour l’émulateur M1.

Les changements:

– Added normalization of inconsistent/wrong/improper manufacturer names to obtain consistent search result.
– Unicode song name is now properly displayed in the main window again.
– Fixed the window priority problem for the last time (hopefully)
– Bridge no more prevent you from quitting while loading a ROM.
– Added play count to the load window and cleaned up old column sorting code.
– Theme file folder has been renamed to « themes » from « theme2 ».

A noter qu’un nouveau fichier de définition des jeux est disponible ici, voici les changements:

– GP500 was changed to 500GP in 0.127u5
– CSCLUB, SONICWI2 had rom changes in 0.127u5
– Fixes for the Neo-Geo changes until proper undecrypted sound roms are emulated correctly. I’ve set up another fake parent, called « decrypt », which you can put all the decrypted roms that were taken out of MAME in 0.127u5 and u6 for the following sets: jockeygp, kof2000, kof2001, kof2002, kof2003, matrim, mslug4, mslug5, pnyaa, rotd, samsho5, svcpcb. Again, this will be replaced with the MAME roms as soon as a new M1 core is released that supports the undecrypted sounds roms.

Télécharger BridgeM1 (Frontend) 0.6.0a14 (3,2 Mo)

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