Un émulateur de PSP écrit en Java. Codé par mad et shadow (PCSX2) et rejoint par wrayal , fiveofhearts, hlide et dreampeppers99. Il ne faudra pas vous attendre à quelque chose de super avancé dans un premier temps.

– Reverted malloc behaviour and made relevant changes to FPL, malloc should be redesigned.
– Really fixed i18n in PSF : japanese titles work
– Added partial FPL implementation
– Added support for exports
– mem stick browser now loads unpacked icons and psf files
– Re-written the loader
– Fixed GE ‘call’ command.
– sceKernelStartModule: set gp (GlobalPointer) register in new thread
– Fixed sprites modifying face culling, and framebuffer render,
– Which depended on this bug to render correctly.
– Fix vertex alignment
– Fixed vertical flip when not using the transformation pipeline, due to openGL and PSP coordinates being flipped.
– Fixed sceKernelLoadModule: memory allocation and loading of encrypted PSP files.
– Fix textures in raw coord
– Fix vertex color alignment banlist implementation for encrypted modules
– Added SystemTime functions (similar to clocks/+1mil per second) possible fix for SLTU, SLTIU
sceUtilitySavedataInitStart partial implementation
– Improvement to debugger. Copy Value to Register window and Go To SP in MemoryViewer
– Added a 4bit clut format, with ARGB8888 and RGB565 palette support.

Télécharger JPcsp (x86) v0.7 rev e4952320 (25,6 Mo)

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