Une version Beta public de l’excellent WinUAE.

– Picasso96 vblank rewritten again, now uses build-in Picasso96 vblank hardware interrupt support. It really works now, WaitTOF() does not waste CPU time anymore
– added Picasso96 vblank rate configuration in GUI. Chipset = RTG vblank is same as chipset refresh rate (same as in previous versions) Real = real host-side refresh rate. = refresh rate. Currently this only affects vertical blank waiting functions
– « Associate all »-button didn’t work
– fullscreen to another fullscreen resolution switch on non-primary display could have frozen emulation in some cases
– statefile-configuration parameter also sets default statefile path
– 150b23 « disk write does not start if wordsync is enabled » was not exactly right, disk write works normally if wordsync is enabled and previous read detected wordsync. Internal « Wordsync detected » flag apparently only gets reset when disk read is started. Kick Off 2 save, most likely many other programs too..

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