Un émulateur d’Atari 5200 créé par Brian Berlin.

Les améliorions sont les suivantes:

– General Improvements
– Added Launcher to support Favorites list
– Added Atari 800/XL/XE images to Launcher list
– Added several User keys

– Changed drawing (less tearing?)
– Added 16/32-bit video modes
– Added Fullscreen mode configuration
– Added NTSC filter (thanks Blargg)
– Added 3x scaling
– Added Screenshots

– Atari 800/XL/XE support (see documentation)
– Fixed PM graphics in hi-res again (Bounter Bob Counter)
– Added PAL support
– Added INS instruction (Pac Pollux crash)

– Changed configuration to SQLite database
– Improved directory handling (Frontends, Drag-N-Drop)
– Updated to latest GuiChan version
– Added INNO setup for Windows
– Now open source
– NOT backward compatible with previous versions

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