Il s’agit d’un émulateur de Vectrex créé par Parabellum. ParaJVE (pour Parabellum’s Java Vectrex Emulator). Il demande le JRE de SUN pour fonctionner.

Les nouveautés:

– Added several command line switches & parameters to ease offline invocation & integration in third-party launchers.
– Fixed some errors in the 6809 CPU emulation core (flag V incorrectly computed by INC/DEC instructions)
– Added VecVoice emulation, as well as a vecvoice aware game (Verzerk).
– Added Lightpen emulation, and included the Lightpen enabled games (Animaction, Art Master, Melory Master, Engine Analyzer).
– Implemented support for cartridge’s onboard RAM (For Animaction).
– Introduced automatic peripheral selection for games that have special requirements (lightpen, vecvoice).
– Fixed a major frame timing problem when T2 was used by the program for something else than the standard use (frame timing).
– Tweaked the rendering algorithm to reduce flicker in special cases (when frames are not T2-driven, like when Spike speaks for instance).
– Updated the third-party native libraries (JOGL and JInput).
– Written a basic User Guide documentation.

Télécharger ParaJVE 0.7.0 (7,2 Mo)

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