Créé par zeromus et rheiny (aka SP) et rejoint par mz, adelikat, nitsujrehtona, maximus, CaH4e3 (Demul, FCEU-MM), Sebastian Porst (FCEUXD SP), qfox et Lucas Sabota. Sans oublié le travail des anciens auteurs: Bero (FCE), Xodnizel (FCEU), Bbitmaster & Parasyte (FCEU XD), Blip & nitsuja (FCEU TAS), Luke Gustafson (FCEU TAS+).
Il s’agit de la renaissance pour l’émulateur FCE Ultra. Il intègre des éléments de plusieurs autres versions à commencer par FCE Ultra lui même, FCEU re-recording, FCEUXD, FCEUXD SP et FCEU-mm. Bref, il s’agit enfin de la version ultime de FCE Ultra qui est à considérer comme la nouvelle version officielle (le site officiel de FCE Ultra redirigeant d’ailleurs sur celui de FCEUX).

Les améliorations:

– fix fcm conversion, recording, and playback of reset and power commands
– added support for AVI creation for SDL, see documentation/Videolog.txt for more
– toggle lag frame counter for SDL, default hotkey F8
– toggle skipping of lag frames for SDL, default hotkey F6
– [ 2179829 ] user ability to toggle « bind savestates to movie » added for SDL, default hotkey F2
– win32 – added a toggle for binding savestates to movies
– win32 – added -cfg (config file) command line argument
– SF [ 2073113 ] Child windows inside debugging window get invalid sizes
– SF [ 2153843 ] Lua ignores second joypad.set()
– made the input config window more usable
– –inputcfg can now be used without a filename
– [ 2085437 ] should fix issues with missing author field crashing fceux
– [ 2047057 ] added uninstall script for gfceux
– [ 2062823 ] fixed ppc build errors and added LSB_FIRST option to build scripts
– [ 2057006 ] –newppu option added to sdl, disabled by default
– [ 2057008 ] lua is now optional, thanks shinydoofy for a patch. also fixed some build issues.
– [ 2008437 ] fixed an issue where flawed movie would crash fceux on every startup
– sdl – fixed issue where windowed mode would always be set to 32 bpp
– windows – SF [ 2058942 ] Load state as… does not use the savestate override dir (fixed; now, it does)
– windows – permit user optionally to proceed through the movie savestate mismatch error condition, in case he knows what he is doing.
– fix a bug in the savestate recovery code which prevent aborted savestate loads from recovering emulator state correctly.
– windows – bind a menu option for display framecounter
– windows – fix problem where replay dialog couldnt work when the process current directory had changed to something other than emulator base directory
– windows – autoload the only useful rom or movie from an archive, in cases where there is only one
– gracefully handle non-convertible broken utf-8 text without crashing
– windows – don’t read every archive file when scanning for replay dialog. scan them, and only look for *.fm2 (source:
– debugger – fix issue where keyboard keys get stuck when switching between debugger window and main window
– fixed an oversight on my part. Sound config dialog will now look to see if Mute Turbo should be checked

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