La dernière version stable de la série des 1.5.3 de cet émulateur de commodore amiga. Un must à télécharger.

Major 1.5.x bug fixes:
– Huge memory leak when switching between RTG and native modes.
– Writing to disk images didn’t work in some games.
– Configuration cache missing files in subdirectories.
– Random freeze when switching to fullscreen modes that are smaller
than desktop resolution.
– Second and third mouse/firebutton handling fix (Aladdin, BC.Kid
and more)

Other bugs fixed:
– « Always on top », « No taskbar button » and fullscreen color depth
change works on the fly.
– OpenGL fullscreen fixed.
– Parallel/Serial/MIDI select menus and Input-panel bottom options
didn’t work correctly.
– System clock run slightly too fast or slow if chipset refresh rate
was different than startup refresh rate (really old bug).
– OCS NTSC configuration defaulted to PAL refresh rate.
– Real PCMCIA SRAM card re-insert detection fixed.
– Fullscreen RTG 16-bit to 32-bit desktop windowed mode switch
(CTRL+F12) color errors fixed.

New features:
– Basic file association settings added to GUI (.uae, .adf etc..)
– RTG vertical blank wait uses interrupts, no more busy waiting. Should
improve performance in many fullscreen RTG games.
– Added RTG virtual refresh rate configuration to GUI.
– Added RTG refresh rate next to chipset refresh rate FPS counter.
– Undocumented OCS « scanline » feature emulated (Ode to Ramon I and II)
– Midline resolution change improvements (still far from perfect,
Disposable Hero, Innovation Part 2)
– Only accept current latest OpenAL32.dll or newer (old versions can
cause crashes during device enumeration)
– Improved emulation of reads from write-only custom registers
(S.E.X. / Fantasys)
– Syncronize Clock stability improved

Télécharger WinUAE (x86) v3.6.1 (6,0 Mo)

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