Nouvelle version béta pour cet émulateur d’Atari ST dont voici les améliorations:

Mostly small fixes at various places plus a lot of work went into
improving the DSP56001 emulation. Also the sound DMA emulation is improved
to a point where GSXB driver should be unnecessary.

– improved automatic network setup on Mac
– reworked audio DMA emulation. Also added configurable host sound frequency
– one MMU bug fixed (regarding TTR)
– special support for halting ARAnyM on linux-m68k reboot (–halt)
– SDL GUI fixed (missing events after alerts)
– EMULOP is now privileged so if some old ARAnyM TSR starts crashing this is why
– joypads are now emulated
– joysticks and joypads can be configured in the config file
– ‘<>‘ and ‘End’ keys’ scancodes made Atari compatible

Check the doc/config example file for the new [JOYSTICKS] and [AUDIO] sections.

Les sources sont disponibles, pas encore de binaires.

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