Nouvelle version de cet émulateur de Commodore C16 Plus 4 écrit en Java dont voici les nouveautés:

– Quick update to fix the timing code. Should now do faster speeds properly.
(Or work quicker for slower machines…)
– Updated the frameskip so it doesn’t even process the screen rendering.
– You now get amuch better speed boost.

– Updated rendering engine ported from Minus4w, should handle more cases.
– Updated CPU processing ported from Minus4w. More games should run.
– Fix a crash in the CPU processing.
– Changed the colours to what Yape uses (much nicer)
– Added FLASH attribute, so things now…flash. (Manic Miner keys, Monty pick-ups etc.)
– Fixed the rendering frameskip – it was always skipping at least 1 frame *idiot*
– Fixed the overflow flag (V) on the ADC instruction. Mercenary now works!
– Added the new « joy » paramater
– Fixed commando – added several undocumented NOP codes.
– SOME vertical scrolling games work.

Télécharger Minus4j 1.5 (74,5 Ko)

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