Un émulateur Sinclair QL basé sur Qlay qui supporte dès à présent le son et du flash.

Les améliorations de la version 100 sont les suivantes:

– Sound emulation
– QL Sound is now emulated.
– Volume settings overide Windows general setting (MCI sound) but restore orginal values when you quit QL2K.
– FLASH support. Support blinking in 8 colors mode.
– 800×480 screen enhanced support in GDI Mode. (relative to EEE PC and others handheld computers)
– Some improvements and bugs corrections as been made too.

Les améliorations de la version Alpha (disponible?):

– Enhanced sound support under Vista
– Now you can use QL2K in 32 or 64 Bits. We have made 2 executable named :
+ QL2K-x86.exe -> This is the 32 Bits version
+ QL2K-x64.exe -> This is the 64 Bits version
– In the same way we release a new QLAYT-x86.exe and QLAYT-x64.exe
– And to finish for this piece of work, you will discover the new QL2K icon and image.

Télécharger QL2K (x86/x64) v0.1 build 0.101 (1,2 Mo)

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