Gens/GS est une version de Gens, émulateur Megadrive, améliorée par GerbilSoft (David korth).
Le but est de nettoyer le code source et d’ajouter de nouvelles fonctions prises sur les différents dérivés de Gens.

Voici les nouveautés depuis la 5.1:


Milestone 5.3 fixes the following bugs:

– PIC compilation was broken due to the new CPU Flags code.
– nasm’s -O3 optimization doesn’t work properly on the Gens code with older
versions of nasm. Gens now uses the -O1 optimization instead.

Milestone 5.3 has the following miscellaneous changes:

– [GTK+] Removed some unnecessary GDK includes.


Milestone 5.2 introduces the following new features:

– Updates to the most-used renderers:

– The C++ 1x, 2x, and 2x scanline renderers are now much faster.

– The asm and mmx 1x and 2x renderers have been updated to support
32-bit color.

– The scanline and interpolated scanline asm renderers now correctly
black out empty lines, which fixes a « leftover garbage » problem
caused by the new text drawing function.

– [Linux] The OpenGL renderer now supports border color emulation.

– The « Stretch » option now allows you to set Horizontal Stretch and
Vertical Stretch independently.

– New « General Options » window layout. The new layout takes up a lot less
space than the old layout, and allows for more options.

– The « General Options » window now allows you to enable or disable
border color emulation and the pause tint.

– [GTK+] The design of the « Controller Configuration » window has been

Milestone 5.2 has the following miscellaneous changes:

– The « BIOS/Misc Files » entries for « GCOffline » and « Gens Manual » have been
removed. There are no functions in Gens/GS that make use of these, and both
documents haven’t been updated in several years.

– The 16 kHz, 32 kHz, and 48 kHz sound rates have been removed. They never
worked properly and ended up causing lag.

– The built-in debugger now sleeps for 100 ms between frames. Previously, it
would attempt to redraw frames as fast as possible, which led to high CPU
usage if VSync wasn’t turned on.

– [Win32] hq2x is broken, so it has been disabled for now.

Milestone 5.2 fixes the following bugs:

– Fixed compilation with –disable-cdrom.

– Fixed some PWM regressions introduced in m5.1.

– [Win32] Savestates were sometimes not saved to the correct directory.

Milestone 5.2 has the following low-level code changes:

– VDraw_DDraw: CORRECT_256_ASPECT_RATIO and ALT_X_RATIO_RES have been removed.
These were originally used in Gens Rerecording to specify if the horizontal
resolution should always be stretched, but is no longer necessary due to the
improved « Stretch » mode options.

– nasm now generates debugging symbols for all asm code.

– Many functions and variables that don’t need global visibility have been
marked as static.

– New CPU flag system to determine all available instruction sets instead of
just MMX. This will allow for more optimizations later on.

– Fixed an issue where a segment override prefix was specified in Starscream,
which broke Valgrind. (Valgrind is still broken for SegaCD and 32X emulation,

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