Une version Beta public de l’excellent WinUAE.

– fixed b1 slowdown when lots of sprites are visible
– CD32 mode CD32.TM detection added (log only)
– RTG vblank interrupt changes, use INTB_VERTB if RTG vblank is set to « Chipset ». (very compatible, no extra interrups happening) Uses INTB_PORTS if different than Chipset. (Previously used INTB_EXTER but some games didn’t like it, Ports seems to be more compatible) Added « Disabled » option which disables RTG vblank support.
– fixed possible crash when closing fullscreen mode
– uaeserial.device unit 10+ open failure fix
– hardfile os-specific and common stuff separated more logically, more portable (and easier to add new image types, see below)

– VHD (VirtualPC) fixed and dynamic harddrive images supported. Reading and writing supported, image creation supported. HDF->VHD conversion is not built-in but you can use for example VHDTool or any other tool that supports raw to vhd conversion (hdf is a basic raw harddrive image type) « Differencing » image type may be supported in future (differencing = all written data goes to another image, like adf « saveimages »)

WARNING: vhd support may not be bug free yet. Remember backups!

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