Nouvelle version de ce frontends qui supporte plus d’une centaine de systèmes.

Les changements:

– Added platforms:
– Apple 2GS
– Camputers Lynx
– Coleco Adam
– Híradástechnika Szövetkezet HT-1080Z
– Interact Home Computer System
– Jupiter Cantab – Jupiter Ace
– Microsoft XBox 360

– Added Scripts:
– PALE (Camputers Lynx)
– VINTER (Interact Home Computer System)
– DCMOTO v10.1 (Thomson MO5)

– Small updates
– Fixed bug where Xpadder always ask where to save the setting, by adding a INI file.
(if you already configured Xpadder, the original .ini will be renamed to .bak)
– Fixed the ‘error reporting’ notices and warnings, they where set in php.ini
but didn’t help because it was re-configured in the PHP files.
– Cleaned the system informations by removing most of the Wikipedia
references in-page, like:
– [1] t/m [50]
– [citation needed]
– [verification needed]
– [dead link]
– […]
– DAT file updates:
– MAME: v0.124b to v0.128
– CPS-1: v2007.09.22 to v2008.10.18
– CPS-2: v2007.11.09 to v2008.10.18
– Neo-Geo: v2008.01.01 to v2008.10.18
– Model2: v2008.01.03 to v2008.06.05

– ECC Startup
– Fixed a small bug where ECC startup did create the userfolders everytime when
one or more platforms were disabled.
– ECC Startup will now scan your userfolder and create userfolders if nessesary
and if the platform is set active!, this way when new platforms are inserted,
the userfolders for those added platforms will be automaticly created!
(thanks to Andreas for the ‘create userfolder’ implementation!)
– Made the splashscreen configurable & customizable
– You can edit ecc-themes[THEMENAME]splashscreen.ini to fit your needs.
– When ‘splashscreen.ini’ is not found in a ECC theme it uses the settings
from the « ecc-themesdefaultsplashscreen.ini » file.
– Let ECC start in fullscreen again.
– Found a better way to ‘by-pass’ the PHP-GTK window bug.
– Many small tweaks and improvements.

– 3rd party updates
– Updated, Notepad++ v5.1.1
– Updated, 7-Zip v4.62

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