Créé par AamirM (Regen, Nugen…), il s’agit d’un émulateur de PC-Engine/TurboGraFX-16/SuperGrafx.
Tout comme Regen, son but est de se focaliser un maximum sur la précision de l’émulation (c’est à dire être le plus proche possible de la réalité).

Il s’agit d’une refonte total de l’émulateur, peut-être légèrement plus lente que la précédente mais beaucoup plus complète, en voici les améliorations:

– CPU emulator rewritten.
– Completely new PSG with more accurate noise emulation.
– Completely new VDC/VCE core. More accurate. Everything is implemented now.
– Cycle accurate sample generation support.
– New « High Quality » sound mode. Will result in more accurate sound. This can
slow down the emulation speed quite considerably so only turn it on if
you have a fast enough PC.
– SuperGrafx support. All SGX games run perfectly.
– Street Fighter 2 banking support.
– Almost all glitches should now be gone.
– Configuration file containg emulator related settings is now created.
Some setting, righ now, can only be changed by modifiying it.
– Save state support. By default, the quick save states will be saved
in the « Saves » subfolder. It can be changed by changing « StatePath »
in TurboEngine.ini.
– Turbo Engine now remembers recently loaded ROMs. « File History » will
contain recently loaded ROMs along with its full path.
– Setting « ShortHistoryNames » in TurboEngine.ini to 1 will only display ROM
names instead of its full path in « File History ».
– Support for changing Window sizes.
– Fullscreen support. It is a bit buggy at the moment. But will work out
most of the time.
– VSync support. This will remove tearing in the video. Depending on your
monitor or video card, it can also cause stuttering in video or sound.
– Kega Fusion plugin system support. Only 2x scalers supported at the moment.
– Turbo Mode support.
– Brighten option added. This will take out the differences between the TV
and monitor brightness. It is recommended to turn it on.
– Various overscan options added.
– Many aspect ratio correction options added. Note that « Correct aspect ration »
will only work in fullscreen mode. For correcting aspect in windowed mode,
use « Window Ratio » option.
– Window aspect ratio correction option added.
– Option to disable sound.
– Lowpass filter option added.
– Loud option added to make PSG a bit more heavy and effective 🙂 . Though
it can result in sound getting clipped.
– Option to Save/Load BRAM. If turned on, BRAM will be saved or loaded
otherwise it will be discarded.
– Cheat file support added.
– DirectInput support added. This means joypads, gamepads, joysticks etc..
are now supported.
– Option to redefine input settings. Note that 6-button option, though
listed, will not work.
– Option to revert key settings back to default.
– Option to make window top most.
– Autopasue option added which will pause the emulator whenever it loses focus.
– High priority option added.
– Option to disable screen savers while emulator is running.
– Option to show FPS.
– About box added 😉

Télécharger Turbo Engine 16 v0.32 (640,3 Ko)

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