Un émulateur de PSP écrit en Java. Codé par mad et shadow (PCSX2) et rejoint par wrayal, fiveofhearts, hlide et dreampeppers99. Il émule quelques jeux commerciaux (tel que Puzzle Bobble Pocket).

– Small change in syscall numbering
– Significant async io update. io callback now supported and proper wait async. io async sample added, contains many tests that need enabling by hand so no binaries provided.
– Change to final (modifier) as a member suggest.
– Fix for issue 50 again (NARUTO)
– Better compiler fix for Issue 50 (ClassFormatError)
– Fix for non shader-capable graphics cards
– Clamp attenuation value in shader, and small optimization
– Disable lighting when using 2D mode (Bust A Move)
– Added cube vfpu demo (see Issue 28)
Compiler improvements:
– Performance improvement: added bytecode compilation for most common Allegrex
– Better integration of compiler in Instructions.java.
– Fixed Issue 50 (ClassFormatError).
– Better debugger support even when running under compiler.
– Forgot to commit the DefaultSettings file and to remove some log level change
– Adding experimental shaders to emulate a few PSP properties correctly. The shaders still need lots of work but they seem to run fine for me (small speed increase with my GF8)
– Also added some fixes to the light code
-Fixed thread stack cleanup (forgotten)
– Updated async IO, TOE is working again.
– Tweaked dread log messages to take less space, including removal of « stat UMD » log message (is anyone still using that?).
– Fixed wait thread end timeout parameter.
– TOE is still not working with the CB version of this. The problem looks like incomplete implementation of mpeg avc decode and audio faking.
– Fixed k0 (forgot about it)
– Thread stack setup tweaked (again). async io improved. fixed some typos.

Télécharger JPcsp (x86) v0.7 rev e3506de7 (25,6 Mo)

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