Une version Beta public de l’excellent WinUAE. La version 1.5.4 béta a été renommée en 1.6.0 béta, probablement beaucoup plus de changement que prévu pour pouvoir garder le numéro de version initiale.

Les améliorations depuis la version 1.5.4 béta 6:

– version number bumped to 1.6.0
– added « resize » autoscale method. Resizes windowed mode window to current detected Amiga display size. (1:1 pixel mapping, no blurriness)
– PAL/NTSC switching in KS3.x early boot screen was ignored until following reboot (old bug)
– do not report no_cd-status when loading CD32 statefile without CD installed
– doublescan modes autoscale/resize better
– improved Amiga display size detection
– autoscale option saved to configuration file
– do not capture mouse if mouse pointer is not in normal mode, prevents annoying accidental capture when dragging/resizing
– very large overscanned modes are centered in autoscale modes, previously right border was simply clipped
– tablet+magic mouse cursor positioning will be even more broken now
– do not create registry key if ini mode is enabled (release versions only)
– renamed « Drawing tablet support » to « Install virtual mouse driver » (which is not much better but at least a bit less confusing..)
– mouse autocaptures in « sync mode » if native side mouse driver does not get « heartbeat » signal from Amiga-side driver (for example when running game that takes over the system). Current timeout is 2 seconds.
– native mode mouse cursor shape copied to Windows cursor (yes, I am going really too far now..) in mousesync mode. Just experimenting..
– left mousebutton didn’t always work in mouse sync modes
– fullscreen and full window should work correctly again (hint: full window + autoscale + correct aspect = useful if you don’t mind blurriness, scale2x/pal filter may also help)
– on screen leds’ background is translucent (32-bit screen + filtered only)
– NOTE: D3D/OGL filters do not yet work correctly in autoscale, autoresize or mouse sync modes (=mouse driver + magic mouse)
– NOTE2: screen dragging does weird things with autoscale/mouse sync (mouse sync issue when two different screens are visible should be fixable)
– NOTE3: both real and « fake » cursor is temporarily visible in mouse sync modes. They should always be in 100% sync and have identical shape. (but aren’t, still much work to do..)

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