DSP est un émulateur Sinclair Spectrum mais aussi Amstrad CPC développé par Leniad Soft 2003. Il supporte les Spectrum 48K, Spectrum 128K et des jeux d’arcades comme Phoenix, BombJack ou encore Ghost’n’Goblins. Il s’agit d’un projet Open Source développé en Delphi. Son auteur travail également sur un driver NES et GameBoy.

Les nouveautés:

New version DSP 0.9ß1!! Added Amstrad CPC support!

+ENHANCE: New aspect of the list of drivers, you can see a picture and information of the driver. [NESbr]
+ENHANCE: New aspect of the configuration window, better management of the emulator directories. [NESbr]
+ENHANCE: Update CPU code creation, timers and sound chips, more simple and practical. [leniad]
+ENHANCE: Best creation system of chars, sprites, etc. Less redundant and more simple. [leniad]
+ENHANCE: Updated to ZipForge 5.01 [leniad]
+NEW: Added sound chip YM2151 (MAME based) [leniad]
+ENHANCE: DSK – Some ‘DSK’ images have garbage after the data sectors, and previously don’t load. Now these data is ignored and continues lodaing. [leniad]
+ENHANCE: DSK – Some old disk images do not use the standard on the track information. Now load. [leniad]
+ENHANCE: NEC765 – 0x0E command implemented (undefined). [leniad]
+ENHANCE: NEC765 – Better treatment of the tracks without sectors. (CPC: Ulises works).
+ENHANCE: NEC765 – Better treatment of undefined functions (CPC: 1943, Forgotten Worlds and others work)
+ENHANCE: TZX – Not assigned length (0 bytes) in some blocks and they gave an exception. [leniad]

+BUG: Now load a tape or snapshot inside a directory of a ZIP. [leniad]
+NEW: If inside a ZIP file is an SCR is shown as a preview image [leniad]
+BUG: Now load correctly a ROM after loading Knigth Lore ROM version of 32Kb [leniad]

Amstrad CPC
+NEW: Added Amstrad CPC464,CPC664 y CPC6128 computers. Added disk support (DSK and Extended DSK), tape (CDT, CSW y WAV) and sound (AY8912): [leniad]
– Load/save snapshots missing (SNA)
– There are still some video problems, I need more information about 6845 (records, border, timings, scroll hardware, etc.)
– PIA-8255 problems: some games are problems with the keyboard (temporarily patched).
– Sometimes the driver just reset.
– Some CPC keys are not mapped
– Some disk protections do not work, I need more information (hexagon, speedlock, etc.)

+ENHANCE: Added basic sound. [NESbr]

+NEW: Added snapshot save, with a proprietary format and compressed. [leniad]
+BUG: Was loading one byte less in the cartridges. [leniad]

+NEW: Added driver with stereo sound. [leniad]

+ENHANCE: Added YM2151 sound (stereo) and DAC. [leniad]
+BUG: Fixed 55 frames per second [leniad]

Télécharger DSP (x86) v0.18 (31/12/2017) (2,5 Mo)

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