Ce frontend pour l’émulateur pSX (bien plus complet que l’interface interne de l’émulateur) vient d’être mis à jour. En voici les nouveautés:

+ Feature: « Detailed » and « Small Icon » views
+ Feature: Full screen resolution option (affects both PAL and NTSC options)
+ Feature: Indeterminate states for Advanced options indicating « don’t force »
+ Feature: Some keyboard accelerators/shortcuts added
+ Feature: Standard shortcuts now extended to contain advanced options
+ Feature: VSync options (full screen and windowed)
~ Change: « List » view in Profiles list behaves like real « List » view
~ Change: Don’t allow overwriting of profiles on rename
~ Change: In-listview profile renaming
~ Change: Monitor dection made (hopefully) be more future-proof
~ Change: Resizing frontend updates switches and profiles list more smoothly
~ Change: Stricter checks for custom resolution input
* Fix: « Missing window » bug when closing on minimized state in Vista

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