Des versions bétas de cet émulateur de PS2 basé sur PCSX2 (optimisant certaines choses et proposant plus d’options que la version originale) sont disponibles sur le forum officiel de cet émulateur.

Les changements:

– vu flags updated
– code cleanups and reorganizations as usual
– restructured the entire initialization process of Ps2 memory and cpu resources.
– implemented COP0 and COP1 (FPU) opcodes in the new opcode table system
– fix for fatal frame 1 in vm version
– usual GUI fixes and code cleanups
– new exception handling implemented
– bugfixes for some games (like xenosaga 1, FF12 intro fmv)
– bugfixes for mtgs
– general improvements to the emulator’s reset and recovery code
– renamed the solution configurations to release, development, debug.
– fixes for the interpreter
– Simplified/improved the memory protection model, and optimized the EErec’s block fetch slightly
– FMV playback speed improvement of about 8-10% since latest beta
– General vtlb speedup since last beta, 563

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