Nouvelle version pour cet émulateur de Sinclair ZX SPectrum créé par Paul Dunn.

Quelques améliorations en vracs:

– Added – Log file for startup issues.
– Added – MRU list to the Assembler

– Fixed – The assembler would not colour the « z » in « JR Z » properly according to syntax highlighting rules. (Rahtgaz)
– Fixed – Win32 Error on startup if the 48k ROM cannot be found. This is not a permanent fix, as it should be able to find the rom – only when run from the installer, it can’t. (BloodBaz)
– Fixed – More assembler selection shenanigans; removing a selection of more than one line would remove too many lines, and not insert fragments. (Rahtgaz)
– Fixed – Creating an empty assembly file (by cutting a selection, say) would crash if you then tried to do anything. (Rahtgaz) source:
– Fixed – The CPU window wasn’t updated properly after code is assembled. (Rahtgaz)
– Fixed – A crash in the assembler if a Clipboard copy was made when the last character in a line is selected. (Rahtgaz)
– Fixed – After a discussion with Marko, the assembler’s cursor is now hidden when a selection is active, and the selection is no longer cropped to remove the cursor’s character.
– Fixed – Selections in the Assembler now extend to the right of the window. It just looks nicer.
– Fixed – A bug which caused slowdowns when the CPU window was closed. (Rahtgaz)
– Fixed – A strange bug which would duplicate lines when DELETE was pressed with predictive text enabled. (Rahtgaz)
– Fixed – Assembler’s cursor now moves to the correct position after a paste. (BloodBaz)
– Fixed – Pasting code into the assembler now works as expected.
– Fixed – CTRL no longer clears a selection. (BloodBaz)
– Fixed – CTRL-X/C/V was ignored in the Assembler unless the menu strip was opened first.
– Fixed – In the assembler, menu shortcuts were echoed to the editor. (BloodBaz)
– Fixed – Pasted DEF FN statements with extra whitespace (DEF FN d(s$) = ….) would get extra brackets inserted. (Digital Prawn/Rahtgaz)
– Fixed – A small oversight meant that every character the cursor occupied in the assembler editor was a selection. Weird. (BloodBaz)
– Fixed – Graphics in the sprite editor now export properly to the clipboard. (BadBeard)
– Fixed – Opening (or grabbing) a new set of graphics will return your selection to the first in the list. (BadBeard)
– Fixed – The animation filmstrip will accept more graphics from larger palettes now, for palettes with 256 or more graphics. (BadBeard)
– Fixed – 6144 byte .scr files won’t get corrupted ATTRs now.
– Fixed – The Parser would not accept unary minus (or plus, for that matter) when applied to a variable. (EddieTheWild)
– Fixed – The Parser would let you refer to dimensioned arrays of more than one letter in their name.
– Fixed – Closing an image in the paintbox with no filename now uses an « untitled » filename. (Dunny)
– Fixed – You can now import the same image more than once without having to re-open it between sessions. Well, that’s what I’m saying was wrong… (Badbeard)
– Fixed – Various Access Violations in the Sprite editor when dragging characters around. (BadBeard)
– Fixed – You can now create graphic sets of 1×1 bytes in the graphic/sprite editor. Quite why you’d want to is anyone’s guess… (BadBeard)

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