Nouvelle version pour cet émulateur de Super Nintendo dont voici les nouveautés:

– Recovered ~10% speed loss from last release via S-CPU IRQ timing optimizations
– Implemented O(1) binary-heap priority queue for event scheduling
– Fixed a bug where BS-X slotted carts were never mapping SRAM
– Fixed a bug where invalid controller input was always being allowed
– Fixed all compilation warnings with GCC 4.3 and Visual C++ 9.0
– Added advanced options to control S-CPU ALU hardware delays
– S-RTC and SPC7110 timers updated to handle time_t overflow (Y2k38) gracefully
– Cheat codes can now have multiple codes per entry, and multiple lines per description
– Rewrote config file parser; removed config/ class from emulator core
– Windows: added 256×256 image to program icon set
– Linux: fixed Xorg keysym mapping, key names should show correctly in all cases now
– UI: updated video panel, added fullscreen-on-startup and NTSC merge fields options
– UI: simplified audio panel
– UI: boolean options on advanced panel can be toggled via double-click
– Lots of code cleanup, especially for S-CPU IRQ handling and nall template library

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