Nouvelle version de ce frontends qui supporte plus d’une centaine de systèmes.

Les changements:

WIP 06.1
– added template usage when creating a new script.
WIP 06
– added eccscript option button in eccscript config
– added an eccscript refresh button if you add a new script
WIP 05.2
– fixed the link to the new gamedb in this update 🙂 Now the search point to the new pages.
WIP 05.1
– due to namechange of the ECC imageserver, now called imageControlCenter,
the link to download images in ECC has been adjusted!
WIP 05
– added new category « platform »
– fixed the language string portoguese
WIP 04
– fixed « ECC doesn’t like Brøderbund » bug for all metaedit fields!
– added hungarian language for meta edit
WIP 03
– fixed storage « Harddrive » bug (Dropdowns not filled)
– changed storage « Harddrive » to « Harddrive / Floppy » to
– fixed missing dump_type in romdb export
– catch crash, if copy text from internet to notes/review
– removed checksum check on save to avoid problems with rom options
– made the labels of eSearch a little bit smaller
WIP 02
– added dump type selection to eSearch
– fixed « show only first rom » bug
– Added dump type to rom info area
WIP 01.5
– Fixed problem, if you click on the top left emuControlCenter logo (open website again and again!)
– Fixed also the problem, if you open the asset/document folder and click to the main view!
– added new icon in context menu « browse documents »
– added documents « patches » folder for ips patches
WIP 01
– added « open asset folder »
— used to store ‘manual’, ‘guides’ and ‘maps’ to the ecc-user folder
— implemented availablity state in meta info area

– ECC Startup
– Changed the location of the thirdparty language conversion list.
– Fixed splashscreen fading not working in Vista
– Added automatic language configuration of thirdparty tools.

– Small updates
– Added extensions
– Apple II: 2MG
– Nintendo SNES: MGD, GD3
– Removed Extensions:
– Nintendo Gamecube: CSO, IMG, BIN, NRG, MDF
– Updated default config for:
– Hartung Gamemaster
– Nintendo Gamecube (DolphinEx)
– Updated the ‘Atari800Win’ script to support ATR & COM files properly.
– Better support fo ScummVM
– Added script for ScummVM (v1.0.0.3)
– Made ECC handle ScummVM games like arcade platforms
– Added ctrlmame DAT for ScummVM (by Gruby)
– Updated eccScriptSystem v1.0.0.6:
– Added 3rdparty variables.
– made variables GLOBAL, so you can use these inside functions of your scripts.
– Updated the script template.
– Updated xpadder config with correct pathnames.

– DAT file updates:
– MAME: v0.128 to v0.129
– CPS-1: v2008.10.18 to v2009.01.07
– CPS-2: v2008.10.18 to v2009.01.07
– Neo-Geo: v2008.10.18 to v2009.01.07

– 3rd party updates
– Updated, Notepad++ v5.1.4
– Updated, 7-Zip v4.64
– Updated, Autoit v3.3.0.0

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