Nouvelle version pour cet émulateur d’Atari ST dont voici les améliorations:

– The Hatari project has been moved from to Please update all bookmarks!
– New shell script for converting .ZIP files into .ST disk images
– Fixed a bug that could write data to the wrong disk image (resulting
in data loss)

– MIDI input supported in addition to output; –midi option is now
replaced with separate –midi-in and –midi-out options
– Support for STE hardware horizontal scrolling in medium res
– Make the FDC Read Address command always return success, even if
we don´t really return the correct bytes for now (fixes a few game loaders)
– Improved shadow register when writing to the YM2149 (fixes X-Out music)
– Cleaner blitter code with improved timings
– Emulation of interrupts jitter for HBL and VBL + improved timing accuracy
– Improve color alignment with the shifter (for spectrum512 like images)
– Fix to the fire button detection reported in some games
– Added IDE hard disk emulation

Le binaire pour Windows viendra plus tard comme d’habitude.

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