Free42 est une ré-implémentation de HP-42S et de l’imprimante HP-82240.

– ASTO IND ST X was broken; instead of storing the first 6 characters of the
ALPHA register into the register or variable pointed to by X, it stored them
into the variable pointed to by the first six characters of ALPHA itself.
– Added « Lienhard480x800 » skin for 480×800 Pocket PC devices
( package). Contributed by Thomas Lienhard.
– Added « Sven320x240mini » skin for 320×240 Pocket PC devices
( package). This skin only shows the keys for basic
arithmetic and stack manipulation, making the keys large enough to use easily
without a stylus. Contributed by Sven from Vienna.
– Added « Ramos480x640 » skin for 480×640 Pocket PC devices
( package). It has a distinctive, sparse look.
Contributed by Noe Ramos.

Télécharger Free42 v2.0.20 (4,3 Mo)

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