Créé à l’origine par YopYop, ce projet est maintenant continué par la Team DeSmuME.

Les améliorations:

enh: GBA slot emulation [CrazyMax]
– Rumble support (windows only)
– GBA game
enh: Mic support (windows only?) [luigi__]
enh: Preliminary cheats system [CrazyMax]
enh: Savestates invalidated, as more variables have been added.
bug: Added PSG white noise [luigi__]
bug: fix arm/thumb ROR [zeromus]
bug: [ 2550645 ] Super Princess Peach: crash when starting a puzzle [zeromus]
bug: win32: fix spu wav file writer (regression from 0.8) [zeromus,luigi__]
bug: Much work on FIFOs, still not finished [CrazyMax]
bug: Many fixes to dma [zeromus, CrazyMax]
bug: bios WaitForVblank and WaitForInterrupt fixed [luigi__]

bug: Added sprite blending [luigi__]
bug: more correct mosaic effects, still imperfect [zeromus]
bug: Many fixes to tile rendering; all graphics tests now pass [luigi__]
bug: fix crashes in some affine BG [zeromus]
bug: Implement some pos test function [luigi__]
bug: fix texture mapping across texture and palette banks and to unmapped banks [zeromus]
bug: fix texture handling for texels with MSB set (fixes some texture corruption) [zeromus]
bug: fix texture coordinate generation, including environment mapping [zeromus]
bug: texture cache invalidates when palettes change, prevents some texture corruption [zeromus]
bug: fix display capturing from 2d+3d source when display mode is display-vram [zeromus]
bug: [ 2488334 ].1 fixes to layer compositing [luigi__]
bug: [ 2488334 ].3 fix bug in support for hdma affine bg parameters [zeromus]
bug: Improvements to 3d h-scrolling [luigi__]
bug: Fix some errors in rendering 512 tall BG [zeromus,CrazyMax] (still not fully resolved)
bug: Add optional fragment shading pipeline (more precision) [luigi__]
bug: Fix bug where some sprites got cut of on x=255 [zeromus]
bug: Implement GXSTAT register [CrazyMax]

bug: resizing and rotating work in vista [luigi__]
enh: 0 frameskip now lets emulator run at excess speed [zeromus]

Mac OS X Port:
bug: left key setting no longer gets confused with the right key [jeff]
enh: more keys can be mapped

Télécharger DeSmuME (x86) v0.9.11 (1,1 Mo)

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