Ce build de MAME supporte des centaines de nouveaux « jeux » par rapport au dernier build officiel. Les nouveautés concernent surtout le support de différents hacks.

Included snaps etc for Sponge Patrol, and document on Crazy Otto simulation [Gatinho].

Bugs that have been fixed
In the gui, if logging is on, error message says « Physical width xx, height xx ».

Reported by coucou:
– aliensv, aliensva – dips are wrong.
– aliensva – wrong orientation.
– btimehs, btimemhs, junohs, junohsg – inputs broken. Please delete your old nvram.
– tp84hs – message « non-existant region ».
– mslug5d – no text layer.

Source changes
Pacman, mspacman, jrpacman – added option to display the level number

Complete rewrite of invaders and clones. Fixed many cocktail and sound issues.

Renamed Ozmawars(set 3), to Space World.

Converted Galaxy Wars and Ozma Wars to colour as per the flyers.

Removed unneeded sound cores.

Removed multi-games that don’t have a menu, unless they add something new.

Cleaned up inconsistencies in Manufacturer names.

Games Added
tpgolf / maglord – MGD2 dumps, thanks to JacKc and oak2003

wofch – CPS Changer [E767], thanks to Emma

armward / mmatrixd / dimahood – Phoenix Editions, thanks to JacKc and Bonky

Games Removed
lrescue2 – buggy due to being a bad dump
ms4in1, pm8in1, pm12in1, streakb, mspacde, mspacit2, mspacmbg, mspac1, msnapco, galbug

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