Quelques infos supplémentaires sur ce futur émulateur universel. D’après l’article en lien ci-dessous, l’émulateur KEEP se basera en partie sur Dioscuri (un émulateur x86 écrit en Java). A lire.

[…]A new project is KEEP (Keeping Emulation Environments Portable), in which emulation, as a preservation action, will be developed further and will be integrated into a framework for use in the preservation community. KEEP will follow on from the emulation development work done by the KB, National Library of the Netherlands in collaboration with the National Archives of the Netherlands, which resulted in 2007 in the launch of the DIOSCURI emulator. DIOSCURI will be further developed within PLANETS. The KEEP project will help to put DIOSCURI in a broader context with other emulator tools. The European projects also focus on other areas, such as innovative storage methods in the Caspar project.[…]

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