Un frontend hyper complet pour mame (ou autres), très configurable et souvent mis à jour.

Some default front-end settings on a fresh install were incorrect (first run)
Colors of selected items (EasyListView and Virtual TreeView) were being set incorrectly
Selected game not being visible on the screen when in grouped view mode
Selecting next image category/layout with hot-key F10 was not working. Now changed to:
– Ctrl + F9 -> show previous
– F9 -> show next
The array « image[???].NoImageLoaded » was not being reset correctly when the image to be loaded is not found
Some arcade controller hot-keys were not working. Also, keys assignments were changed to simplify future updates and to use similar buttons on all controllers (Browse games with arcade controller feature)
Message about average FPS and error messages before running games showing for systems not based on MAME
Removed code redundancy and fixed possible bug when editing column settings in the customize columns screen
Some system specific items in games popup menu were enabled when they shouldn’t. Also, they are now hidden instead of disabled
UI bug in custom command line settings screen (paremeters list)
Width of left panel is automatically adjusted when resizing it. Horizontal scrollbar is not needed anymore

View ROMs paths have its own screen and you can view folders for all systems at once
Added a new screen for « games list font settings » more detailed and moved it from preferences screen to main menu « Games List »
Moved « Image Category / Layout Auto Switch » setting from images popup menu to main menu « Images » (easier to find)
Delete multiple games files improved:
– added support for games with missing ROMs (.zip found but game set as missing) – added a checkbox on each game so you can uncheck all games you want to keep
– changed component to EasyListView
– view mode is set to tile and it shows in 2 lines:
-> first line is the game’s title
-> second line is « game name [clone of], zip file with full path

– if game is merged, it will display « merged [parent zip file with full path] » – if game is marked as missing ROMs/CHDs it the selection bar is red – font settings are applied on this list (parent, clone, preliminary, miss ROMs/CHDs) – Zip files are Merged games and games where the .zip file is not found are unckecked by default

Daphne folder is now loaded into RAM to simplify a few functions calls
Optimized a few functions in uCommon.pas file and removed some redundant coding
More source code optimizations:
– Like in EasyListView, all general functions and procedures for VirtualTreeView will begin with « VTV_ » to group all of them into one place and to make it easier to read
Games have their defined fonts and selection bar colors on hidden games editor and left panel editor 🙂
Optimized hot-keys for games list and arcade controllers (when feature is activated)
Selection bar turns red on current selected filter (MAME Games Filters screen)
Updated EasyListView component to latest SVN source that fix a couple UI bugs

Main menu / popup menu themes is no more. Only the default theme is available from now on
Setting « Bold Font In Selected Game » is gone. Font of selected items are always in bold style
Selection bar colors customization (preferences screen). Only fixed colors are supported, blue for have/miss games and red for games with missing ROMs/CHDs (red ribbon might be used on other screens, but for a different situation)
procedure uCommon.GetGamesFilesList() and function uCommon.ExtMatch() deleted as they are not being used anywhere
Alpha blend for EasyListView / VirtualTreeView components have a fixed factor of 128 from now on (half alpha blend)
Background color of sorted column is gone (games list treeview). No need since you have the sort icon in the header (ascending/descending)

New main menu « Settings ». This menu item will hold several front-end settings
Menu items moved to the new settings main menu:
-> All items from main menu « Advanced User » (main menu also removed)
-> « Favorites – Profile Settings » moved from « View » main menu
New feature: scan for not used zip files (main menu « Settings / Maintenance »)
Use this to list all .zip files that are not being used by any game (all systems supported)
WARNING: if you share ROMs with different emulators on the same directory, take extra careful when deleting files. Recycle bin is NOT supported by this feature
-> You can choose to delete files or move them to another folder
Support for SEGA Model 2 Emulator v0.9 and its new settings (emulator.ini)
Features « delete current image » and « rename current image » support all 3 image panels when image layouts view mode is enabled (images popup menu, mouse right-button click)
I finally found a way to verify what image component is calling the popup menu!!! :-))

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