Un émulateur de MSX écrit par PP-M.

Traduction Google du changelog:

– Modify the processes around the disc.
– Nemesis of the KONAMIGEMUKOREKUSHON Vol.3, SCC + now works with or without.
– I had moved up to v1.01 and v1.02 software was at a standstill, and I think it should work again.
– However, v1.02 to v1.03 in the works about whether the software will not work with anything.
– The PSG emulation emu2149, SCC emulation emu2212 now in use.
– The configuration of OPLL and the PSG is to change the default value.
– However, the regular version SUNATCHA emu2212 well with the sound (fMSXpSO failure).
– PSG software does not even talk.

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